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Catalogue d'exposition


Where Gods and Mortals meet. Continuity and renewal in Urhobo art.

Date de parution : 01/01/2004

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Nombre de pages : 160

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Catalogue de l'exposition du Museum for African Art de New York (Eté 2004). Art et culture du peuple Urhobo au Sud du Nigéria.

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Dramatic works of art are presented both in western style as beautiful sculptures, and in recreated shrines that suggest their original placement in an Urhobo community. Many field photographs, taken between 1949 and 2002, offer vivid views of sacred and everyday Urhobo life.

Works of celebrated contemporary artist Bruce Onobrakpeya, which interpret traditions from a present-day perspective, show how modern Urhobo artists are trying to make their traditions relevant in a new context.

Exhibition catalogue edited and written by Perkins Foss with Foreword: Fresh Perspectives on Urhobo Culture by Peter Ekeh  essays: An Introduction to the Urhobo, Urhobo Art in the Literature, Gifts from the Gods: Works in Copper Alloy from Urhobo Medicine Shrines, Iphri: Art for Controlling Agression, Obtaining an Iphri, Huge Fearsome Beauty: Statuary from the Edjo, Masks and Masquerades: The Enactment of the Edjo, Ohworhu: A Spectacle for the Spirits, and Pride and Preservation: Urhobo Art and Culture in the Twenty-first Century by the author  Urhobo World View by Peter Ekeh  Urhobo Art and Religious Beliefs by Michael Y. Nabofa  Shrines of Asaba and Urhobo Performance Arts by G.G. Darah  How the Urhobo People See the World through Art and Bouquet of Songs by Tanure Ojaide  Agbogidi: A Vision of an Urhobo Shrine and Color Symbolism in Urhobo Art by Bruce Onobrakpeya  On Making and Masking in the Art of Bruce Onobrakpeya by John Picton  and appendices by Ikpama Aduri and Chief Oghenegweke.
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