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Catalogue d'exposition


Poussin and Nature. Arcadian visions.

Date de parution : 01/01/2008

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Nombre de pages : 414

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Catalogue de l'exposition du Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (Fév.-Mai 2008). Le thème du paysage dans l'oeuvre de Poussin, où foisonnent les reférences littéraires et poétiques...

Ouvrage épuisé, état neuf, texte en anglais.

Out of print, new copy, Text in English.

Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665) is a  difficult  painter. He has placed the bar of greatness high. Unquestionably one of the finest artists of the seventeenth century and, together with Cézanne, the greatest of all French painters, he does not reveal himself at first glance or disclose himself when first encountered. Poussin's work requires a mediator - whether a person, book, or  event  - to open the eyes of the viewer. And if such a mediator is necessary for his paintings with biblical , mythological, or historical subjects, it is even more so with his landscape paintings and drawings. Exhibitions assume, or should assume, this role, for by definition they bring together a substantial number of works by the same artist, making it possible to ascertain the evolution of an artist's style, and to measure the changes in his ambitions and the transformations in his thinking. Poussin devoted himself to landscape from his earliest years in Rome. At that point in his career, landscapes formed only the background, however magnificent, of his compositions. The Venetian quality of these early landscapes has often been emphasized (without examining precisely what that term might mean). Toward the middle of the 1630s, Poussin changed direction, and landscapes begin to play a very different role in his work   they were different also from what we find in the work of his contemporaries in Rome. For Poussin, landscape became a direct and active participant in the painting, whether the subject was mythological, historical, literary, or biblical.

Pierre Rosenberg,  Encountering Poussin  in Poussin and Nature : Arcadian Visions, catalogue publié à l'occasion de l'exposition éponyme proposée au Metropolitan Museum of Art de New York du 12 février au 11 mai 2008, p. 5.

Exposition : NEW YORK 2008

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